Isovactin AA Plus Berry (Isovaleric Acidemia) 30x250ml

Isovactin AA Plus Berry (Isovaleric Acidemia) 30x250ml

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Isovactin AA Plus is a leucine-free, nutritionally complete, ready-to-drink, amino acid based medical food for the dietary management of Isovaleric Acidemia.

Isovactin AA Plus has a creamy, non-acid taste profile in an all-natural Berry flavor. Suitable for ages 1 through adult.

  • 20 g leucine-free protein equivalent per 8.5 oz serving (250 mL)
  • Essential fatty acids and 150 mg DHA per serving
  • Specially formulated Bone Health Blend of nutrients
  • Pre-biotic fiber, 2 g per serving
  • Low acid smooth taste profile
  • No artificial flavors or colors – Berry flavor
  • Convenient ready to drink carton

This product is sold in boxes of 30 units. 

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