Our Story to Healthy Living

Who is Applied Medical Nutrition

We are a world class company working together to carefully and scientifically formulate products to elevate your health to an all new level. Our products use only sustainable and traceable sources that are intensely and responsibly tested. We strive to bring you alive from the inside out.


Applied Medical Nutrition has traded in the medical nutrition field for 10 years with a key interest in epilepsy through the administration of the ketogenic diet. Thanks to this pedigree we have established several policies that directly impact the quality of the products. Our two key procurement policies are:

  1. Our products are all sourced from traceable sources, with an emphasis on sustainability and ethics.
  2. Our ingredients are screened to ensure that they comply with the strictest guidelines regarding the addition added hormones or anti-biotics. We use only clean ingredients.

Our Personality

We are a young, fun and vibrant company striving to change the world’s perspective on healthy living. Our products have benefits longer than Santa’s list! Healing you mentally and physically from the inside out.

Why to use our products?

All our products use only the highest quality ingredients.

Each product in every range has been formulated to specifically heal and enhance your health by working with your metabolism to achieve its full potential. The secret to youthful living is inside you, that’s what we do, enable you to thrive from the inside out. Making you come alive from within.

We have World class and World’s first products. Our products work holistically, healing you mentally and physically. Our products use natural ingredients that have been used for many years in the health industry. We have combined these specific ingredients to formulate these World Class and World’s First Products. Nutrition is the key to overall health.

New studies have revealed that the gut-brain connection, called the axis, affects our thoughts and feelings and subtly influences our lives, more than ever expected. Neurons are generally associated with the brain BUT did you know, your intestines have 100 million neurons. That is more than your spinal cord or peripheral nervous system. Now you ask yourself, why?